The Ideal


Rancho Las Palmeras

Rancho Las Palmeras is located in Mexicali, Mexico; an ideal place for growing and harvesting Dates. Due to the intense heat we get, our dates grow with the highest quality, which is excellent for exporting.


We have more than 40 years of experience in the industry and we've always been known for our premium quality products.

Ever since the beginning, Rancho Las Palmeras set out to be one of the biggest and most important Medjool date exporters worldwide. thanks to our tireless efforts and teamwork, it's safe to say that as of this day, we're on our way.


We are fully committed to our society, our community and our collaborators, Rancho Las Palmeras looks out for the preservation of a sustainable environment for future generations, contributing with this to the greater good of everyone.

Our line of products is a favorite internationally, meeting the highest quality and food security standards.